NEMT Panel



This is our flagship product tailored specifically to allow cab companies, small and large, offer non-emergency-medical-transport services to large health insurance brokers. The panel can be used to manage the vehicles fleet, management of drivers, routine operations mangaement during the day like importing trips form health insurance brokers, pre-assignment of trips to drivers, real-time monitoring of operations as well as genertion of trip logs and claim files, required for claiming the bills from insurance brokers.

Our panel supports execution of trips for multiple brokers like Logisticare, Southeastrance, NMN, Medicaid, LCP and others. Each of these insurance brokers has their own portals where the provider companies are required to obtain trips information as well as submit their claims. Our panel allows importing trips from all these brokers directly in our system saving a lot of time and effort on dispatcher’s part. Then the real-time monitoring and management capabilities help the dispatchers and owners of small companies to perform the trips efficiently and the important informaiton like time & mileage at each step of a trip is obtained from the mobile application and stored for generation of claim files later.